Blog21 June 2023

Our popular air conditioning range just got even better!

We are delighted to unveil the newest addition to our expanding fleet – the enhanced HPAC 30! At Andrews, we prioritise offering our customers a diverse range of options and are pleased to have introduced this product following a successful trial in Europe.

Our newest HPAC 30 incorporates heat pump technology, making it the ultimate multi-purpose solution. By delivering both cooling and heating functionality, this unit negates the need for clients to enter into two separate contracts when seasonal requirements inevitably change.

Despite impressive performance output (a nominal cooling duty of 30kW and a nominal heating duty of 33kW), the unit’s slender frame allows it to pass through a standard doorway for added simplicity and convenience.


Technical Director, Matt Stapley, said of the product: “We’ve always been very good at acknowledging the demands of the market, and our new HPAC 30 delivers unmatched versatility end elevated levels of comfort no matter what time of year.

“The upgraded HPAC 30 not only provides exceptional performance but also saves end users valuable resources. By eliminating the need for separate heating and cooling systems, we can help customers streamline their energy consumption and reduce running costs.”

Our latest unit represents the perfect solution to all climate control dilemmas, regardless of season. With its seamless integration of heating and cooling capabilities, this innovative unit caters to all needs – and it’s available to hire immediately.

To learn more about the features and benefits of the HPAC 30, or to place an order with us, call now at 0800 211 611.