Blog30 April 2020

Our new website is now up and running!

We are excited to introduce our new website, which has been designed to improve customer experiences by simplifying navigational processes to help visitors find the information they are looking for more quickly.

Our decision to upgrade and modernise was driven by a desire to make our website more user-friendly, with a particular focus on enhancing its appearance and responsiveness.

The inclusion of a sophisticated search functionality directs customers to browse based on their required product, industry and location, providing instant and relevant results tailored to each individual request.

We have made significant changes to the way in which information is presented, with textual content concisely broken down to ensure it is easy to understand and absorb.

Engaging visuals, videos and photography complement written material to give each page an orderly and uncluttered feel, providing users with a more serene experience when using our website. The use of strong images also allows customers to ascertain whether they have found whatever they are looking for at a glance, negating the need to scan text that might not be applicable to them.

Special attention has been paid to boosting the responsiveness of our website and ensuring that pages load quickly across all devices. Each page automatically scales its content and features to match the screen size of the platform in which it is being viewed – whether that be on a desktop, mobile phone or tablet.

The website’s sleek layout guarantees structured browsing rather than aimless scrolling through multiple pages and offers appropriate suggested actions based on previous clicks. These highly visible calls to action act as a virtual signpost and help prompt customers into selecting the next step in their search.

Our telephone number and live chat service both appear prominently throughout, meaning an alternative source of assistance is always available to help visitors find what they are looking for.

As market leaders in the specialist hire industry, it was important for us to create a website that reflects our excellent reputation, by bringing it into line with all other aspects of our service where we continue to set the benchmark.

We are confident that our new website – which is now live and fully operational – will be well-received by our clients and that it delivers a more straightforward and streamlined means to read about our products and services, make enquiries and place orders.

As such, we look forward to doing business with you again in the near future, and to providing the high levels of service and professionalism that you have come to expect from us.