Blog23 August 2023

Our cooling solutions safeguard healthcare samples

The summer has been busy for Andrews Air Conditioning. Despite the peak in demand, our engineers ensure that every job that we complete shows our commitment to delivering effective cooling solutions and their ability to provide outstanding service to their customers.

Recently, we faced a significant challenge of carrying out construction work in a clinical department of a hospital. The construction work resulted in a lot of dust particles in the air, and this became a risk to the vital samples. To prevent any dust from entering the fridges, the customer had to surround them with sheeting. However, this precautionary measure inadvertently caused the fridges to become hotter than normal.

To meet the customer’s requirements effectively, Andrews Sykes dispatched two vans from Norwich and Peterborough to the site, ensuring a seamless installation without any complications. During the installation process, Andrews Sykes engineers strategically spaced the cooling units around the room to ensure efficient cooling.

Our engineers were informed that the units would only be utilised in emergencies. This project shows that we can address this problem and provide additional cooling support to the department Andrews Sykes was called upon for the trusted cooling solution.

The installed cooling units have been fulfilling their intended purpose, effectively reducing the temperature in the room, and preventing the fridges from overheating. Overall, this project has not only addressed an urgent issue for the customer but has also strengthened the relationship between Andrews Sykes and the client.

Andrews Sykes’ solution has proven successful in mitigating the potential risks associated with the construction work, providing a comfortable environment for the clinical department, and ensuring the preservation of crucial samples.