Blog21 September 2022

Opening of new retirement home looms thanks to Andrews!

It’s that time of year again, and we’ve already had a number of enquiries relating to projects just like this one! Earlier in the month, a building contractor in Kent sought our intervention during the latter stages of a development they were responsible for.

On this occasion, we helped a construction company dry out the interior of a newly-built care home to ensure that painting and floor laying could be efficiently carried out. The recent dampness and drop in temperature had contrived to delay the opening of the facility, and this was simply not conceivable given that vulnerable people were relying on everything going according to plan.

The customer was concerned about the potential restrictions of a 110V power supply, but this was no issue for us. We have temporary heaters compatible with both 230V and 110V supplies, but we opted for one of our popular FH111 units in this instance.

The solution was expertly recommended by our local specialist, and we’re delighted to report that the client was very pleased with how it performed while on hire!