Blog21 July 2016

Olympic hopeful pays homage to Andrews Air Conditioning before intense training camp

Towards the end of June, Andrews Air Conditioning announced that, once again, we would be linking up with the GB Rowing Team ahead of their trip to Brazil later this summer.

By providing the team with around 20 Polar Wind Plus portable units, we were able to ensure each athlete remained cool during a vital phase of preparation overseas. Prior to leaving the country for their German training camp, Welsh rower Chris Bartley documented his experiences and thoughts ahead of an action-packed workout:

“Two weeks ago at the GB Rowing Team training base in Caversham we packed up our boats, rowing machines, and gym equipment to be transferred by road to our final summer training camps before Rio 2016. We travel out for up to three weeks, escaping the distraction of our home lives to focus on training hard, rowing fast, eating and sleeping.

A monastic existence, the end result of which will hopefully be top performances in Rio. For the run up to Rio, we will spend some time in northern Italy training on a lake overlooked by the Swiss Alps, and the rest of the time in Germany on the Rhine.

The hotels we stay in look after us really well, and long stretches of water help us to cover the miles and miles in the boat really efficiently. Travelling to Europe from the UK usually means more reliable weather and temperature – great for making every stroke count, and not missing any sessions due to adverse weather. Sometimes though, the downside is the temperature just keeps climbing! Great for holiday sunbathing, but tricky to manage when you’re flat out in the boat or on the rowing machine.

Fortunately, for the past few years Andrews Sykes have been helping out GB Rowing Team athletes with a truckload of portable air conditioning units. In 35 degree heat these units help to keep both our gym, and our bedrooms, cool meaning we can push harder, and recover quicker.

Harder training and quicker recovery keeps the coaches happy, and hopefully these extra benefits will give us the edge in the summer races. Thanks Andrews Sykes, we are all getting away, getting to work, and not worrying about the heat!” 

Naturally, we’re delighted to hear Chris quantify the benefit of our air conditioning units – which go some way towards helping the team recover without any problems. We also look forward to hearing how preparation went, with World Cup gold medallist Jono Clegg set to detail his recent experiences before the squad jets off to South America.