Blog11 July 2023

No off-season for our boilers!

Despite it being the middle of summer, demand for boiler hire remains significant. Even with rising temperatures, there will always be a year-round requirement for replacement boilers – a notion which challenges the common misconception that they are only necessary during the colder months.

There are several factors contributing to the sustained demand for temporary boiler rental. Firstly, boilers are not solely responsible for heating indoor spaces. They also provide hot water for various industrial processes and manufacturing operations. Many businesses, such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities, rely heavily on hot water for their day-to-day operations. Without efficient boilers, these establishments would face significant disruptions and productivity losses, regardless of the season.

The same was also true for a recent client of ours – a sports facility in Blackpool. A local authority contacted us on behalf of the premises’ management team, seeking a stand-in installation for heating purposes. This pressing situation required an instant response and the provision of a short-term boiler solution to avoid disruption on site.

In a display of our efficiency and speed, the Andrews Boilers team swiftly installed a 100kW boiler unit within an astonishingly short timeframe of just three hours. This quick turnaround showcased our commitment to delivering fast and effective solutions when our clients need them most.

Furthermore, we went above and beyond by integrating an innovative fuel telemetry system, complete with a fuel tank. This cutting-edge technology allows our customers to conveniently monitor fuel levels and deliveries, providing them with peace of mind and ensuring continuous heating for as long as is necessary.

We understand that the demand for boilers extends beyond seasonal variations, and that the need for heating solutions persists even while temperatures are high. By promptly responding to these demands, we not only ensure that projects can progress smoothly but also enable businesses to continue their operations without unforeseen setbacks – like in this case!