Blog15 September 2014

NHS stem cell laboratory requires temporary heating

In the healthcare sector especially, efficient climate control is absolutely imperative for sensitive environments. Clinical facilities and similar applications need temperatures to be scrupulously regulated for the benefit of patients or even microbiological processes.

During the winter, we were contacted by a client who sought a short-term heating hire solution due to their existing system operating below full capacity. The medical centre, based in Birmingham, approached us regarding a solution and specified that any equipment proposed could not be invasive or noisy.

An ID60 indirect fired oil heater was subsequently recommended, and this was connected to the external air intake situated on a steel gantry. We also supplied 30 metres of ducting which allowed us to site both the heater and the accompanying tank discreetly out of view.

Interestingly, the customer initially committed to a 12-week rental period but such was the effectiveness of our heater, it actually remained on the premises for over 30 weeks. The ID60 was eventually off hired in June this year as rising summer temperatures rendered its continued deployment no longer necessary.

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