Blog4 September 2014

New medium head pumps set for launch

Sykes Pumps are pleased to announce that the new MH150/100 pump set has recently been added to our hire fleet, underlining our commitment to continually extend and upgrade our high performance pump fleet. These medium head pumps have been designed with specialist applications in mind and are now available for immediate hire.

Our latest innovation offers excellent fuel economy and has a standard operating speed of just 1800rpm. The MH150/100 pumps are ideal for areas where high vertical and/or long discharge runs are required – such as mines and quarries – combining efficiency with an eco-friendly performance as when operating at its Best Efficiency Point, fuel consumption is an economical 21 l/hr.


In addition to delivering flow rates of up to 90L/sec, these bespoke units feature automatic control panels and optional telemetry facilities to provide remote monitoring and management. This particular characteristic helps to flag potential maintenance problems before they lead to downtime or failure.

Sykes Pumps Sales Director Chris Graham summarised: “Our clients are looking for pumps that provide high performance, durability combined with fuel efficiency and the new MH150/100 pumps tick all those boxes.

“Our goal is to offer a diverse selection of solutions that address the operational challenges faced on site by our clients while also answering corporate goals such as cost efficiency and environmental best practice.”