Blog6 November 2012

Andrews Sykes ‘Product Guide’ launched

Andrews Sykes are pleased to announce their new ‘Product Guide’ pocket book is now complete and ready for distribution. The new Product Guide contains up to date information on the core HVAC brands of the Andrews Sykes group as well as an increased range of products and information.

Differing from the old Andrews Sykes ‘Heating & Cooling’ guide, the Product Guide is split into 6 sections representing the 6 heating and cooling divisions of the group (Andrews Heat for Hire, Andrews Boilers, Andrews Dehumidification, Andrews Air Conditioning, Andrews Chillers, Andrews Ventilation). The Product Guide has an easy-to-read specification for every product as well as clear images and a handy technical guide section, providing a user-friendly straightforward experience for customers.

The Product Guide has been redesigned to reflect the modern and fresh corporate identity of Andrews Sykes as well as providing improved organisation of content. Clear colour coded sections and succinct information pages also present a simple and precise display of the all the Andrews Sykes Products.

To be one of the first to receive your FREE copy of the new Andrews Sykes Product Guide simply click here, or if you prefer you can download a digital version here.