Blog1 September 2010

New 500kW Chiller “Raises The Bar”

Andrews Chiller Hire  are proud to announce the launch of their 500kW Fluid Chillers in to its expanding hire fleet. The 500kW Semi Hermetic Recip Fluid Chiller unit is the quietest, most energy efficient and reliable Fluid Chiller on the market. “this unit leads the way in power efficiency with a C.O.P of 1:3.2 and in the reduction of noise emission, the 500kW Fluid Chiller is capable of  a leaving water temperature as low as minus 12 Deg C, we have used the unit on standard, process and ice rink applications, service and general maintenance is minimal and installation and commissioning of the 500kW Fluid Chiller unit  can be completed in 2 hours” . Dennis Gwynne (Technical Director Andrews Sykes Hire Ltd)

500kW Fluid Chiller