Blog23 June 2021

Natural resource producer requests pump hire to provide continual water source

It would be impossible to ignore that many industries now emphasise the importance of ensuring that goods and materials are produced as responsibly as possible, with companies keeping a much closer eye on the environmental consequences of their operations.

And this is certainly true of one of our recent clients – a horticultural specialist whose modus operandi is essentially developing ‘greener’ products made from compost, coir, bark and other renewable resources.

We were initially contacted after the customer encountered difficulties at their site in Cheshire. Here, a specific type of growing media is produced, with this process wholly dependent on the constant availability of a water source.

The application was fairly straightforward in that it required water to be drawn from a clean supply on site and transferred to the production area situated approximately 50 metres away. For this, we proposed a single GP100 pump. The product was considered perfect for the application due to its performance capabilities and wheel-based chassis, which allowed it to be easily moved into position upon delivery.

Although the solution was simple enough for our experts to devise, our client was delighted with the product’s effectiveness and gave extremely positive feedback to the engineer on site. This was the first time the client had used the services of Sykes Pumps, and we have since been informed that they would have no hesitation in contacting us again should similar issues arise.