Blog19 June 2014

National press forecasting “hottest ever summer”

Following a sustained week-long period of sunshine across the UK, experts are warning that summer is just beginning and it could well go on to be the hottest ever recorded in this country.

The Express has reported: “A health alert was issued yesterday as the nation was warned to prepare for a long, hot summer.

“Britain is expected to bask this year in one of its hottest summers ever, official forecasters say.”

Temperatures nationwide are more than twice as likely to be well above the average for this time of year, prompting the NHS to advise people to take extra care when outdoors.

Although the news will likely be well-received by the majority of the British population, the associated risks of excessive exposure to sunlight should not be forgotten. These range from minor skin burns and rashes to eye damage and even cancer – highlighting the importance of staying cool wherever possible.

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