Blog16 January 2015

National Grid development requires substitute fire pumps

In order to keep up with an increased demand for liquefied natural gas in the UK, there has been a subsequent requirement for more storage and refinery facilities. So when a private contractor working on the expansion of an existing site sought temporary fire pumps while its permanent system underwent maintenance, Sykes Pumps were asked to design an appropriate solution.

A thorough servicing programme was due to be initiated which meant every single permanent pump would need to be removed and assessed. The engineering team decided that a back-up arrangement was essential during this period, so it was our responsibility to propose and install it.

The eventual hire package included several Sykes UVO D90 200/150 silenced units and long run 2000 litre fuel tanks. Auto start panels and chalwyn valves were also supplied as well as other necessary accessories, which helped ensure a suitable alternative was on standby while the client’s current system was inspected and repaired.

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