Blog10 December 2021

Multi-pump solution aids repair works at sewage treatment facility

All wastewater treatment plants require regular maintenance visits to ensure machinery and equipment continues to function properly, and in accordance with environmental legislation. On such specialist applications, it is important that assessments are carried out by experienced engineers who can identify common faults and propose no-nonsense solutions in the event that something goes wrong.

Only last week, Sykes Pumps was contacted by a company that specialises in providing inspection services and maintenance projects across a range of industries. In this instance, our customer was looking for a pump hire solution that could assist their own client following the need to conduct repairs on a critical sewage treatment chamber.

The chamber in question needed to be completely drained in order to allow the work to be carried out, with two 6” super silent pumps originally supplied to satisfy this requirement. Shortly after the equipment was delivered and installed, an additional unit was requested to deal with higher water flows caused by unexpected groundwater condition.

Essentially, the discovery meant the tank was being filled quicker than it could be emptied, necessitating the need for an 8” super silent pump to be brought in to supplement the two existing units. With all three pumps working in unison, the job was completed quickly and without any further setbacks.

Challenges brought about by the site’s rural location meant that we used one of our HIAB lorries to transport and position the pumps – something our client was initially concerned about. This project demonstrated the various components of our first-class service, with the instant response of our engineers ensuring that a catastrophic outcome was avoided despite the customer experiencing an unusually high water table midway through the assignment.