Blog28 April 2014

Major car event heated by Andrews

A multi-national automotive company required the assistance of Andrews Heat For Hire in order to hold a car demo in Greater Manchester. The building utilised to host the event had no heating whatsoever, and was expecting to welcome 500 guests a day across a week-long period.

Having seen one of our chiller units at the venue – for a previous event – the client contacted us seeking a solution. An Andrews Sykes technician recommended two Aurora FH4000 heaters and one FH2000 heater, in order to attain a comfortable temperature for the customers. We also instructed the warehouse maintenance team how to control the unit so they could adjust the settings as and when they desired.

The client was extremely happy with the equipment provided, as the whole warehouse was suitably warm for the duration of the event. They were particularly satisfied with the heaters’ fuel efficiency and the cost-effective resolution we quickly supplied. For more information about hiring our boilers and heating accessories, call 0800 211611.

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