Blog4 August 2022

Modern portable dehumidifier guarantees economical drying

As a company that endeavours to bring new products to market frequently to ensure we stay ahead of customer requirements, it is with delight that we now introduce our latest building dryer – the FD40 Series 2.

This portable refrigerant unit joins a very popular range and will be one of the most cost-efficient dehumidifiers of its kind available on the market.

With a maximum extraction rate of 62 litres for every 24 hours of operation, the FD40 Series 2 has a significantly higher drying capacity than most other units of similar size.

For additional flexibility, users can also choose to utilise a condensate pump which negates the need to continually empty the unit’s internal collection tank – a feature that particularly lends itself to long-term hires.

A single model will keep dry areas of up to 930m³, or dry out areas of up to 580m³, rendering it perfect for a wide selection of applications including archives, warehouses, industrial facilities and many others.

Environmental consciousness remains at the forefront of every faction of our business activity, prompting us to favour the use of the automotive refrigerant R1234yf.

This crucial manufacturing decision will ensure substantially reduced greenhouse gas emissions, due to the R1234yf gas having a global warming potential (GWP) of just 4.

Other key features and benefits include a digital humidistat control that has been incorporated into the unit for more accurate humidity monitoring.

A built-in condensate container helps simplify installation and functionality by holding any extracted fluid inside the unit itself, and not in an adjoining bucket connected to the product’s exterior.

Like all refrigerant dehumidifiers offered by Andrews, the FD40 Series 2 boasts near-silent operation even when running at full capacity.

Matt Stapley, Technical Director for HVAC, said: “The growth of the FD range has allowed Andrews to improve and develop a product that will outperform anything else like it on the market.

“The low running costs and low GWP of the refrigerant gas will future proof this unit for years to come.”

The FD40 Series 2 joins our sales fleet with immediate effect, with customers encouraged to get in touch with us if interested in placing a high-volume order.

For more information on our newest dehumidifier, call us today on 0800 211 611.