Blog18 August 2020

Modern air cleaner delivers energy efficient indoor air filtration

As a company that prides itself on seamlessly adapting to market trends, we have become well-known for introducing products that satisfy requirements borne out of constantly changing industry regulations.

In recent weeks, Government advisors have rolled out new ventilation guidelines relating to many businesses as part of a strategy for reducing contamination risks.

Restaurants, gymnasiums, theatres, healthcare facilities and offices have all been the subject of intense scrutiny, with tighter parameters currently in place across most sectors.

With building ventilation featuring prominently on the list of key considerations for companies that have already resumed trading, or plan to imminently, it is with great delight that Andrews Ventilation can introduce our new AC1600 air cleaning unit.

This product is designed to intercept and retain harmful particles within a technologically advanced G4-class H14 filter, incorporating a high-efficiency particular air (HEPA) purification system that dramatically enhances air quality within minutes of being installed.

A powerful fan produces an air circulation rate of 1,600m³/h when operating at full capacity, providing multiple air changes to a range of indoor applications.

The number of air changes per hour (ACPH) has been cited as a critical measurement in ensuring that an area is sufficiently ventilated from a safety standpoint, with various benefits attributed to taking this step.

As well as reducing the presence of CO2, dust and other pollutants, increased ventilation will also minimise the likelihood of airborne viruses being transmitted between people.Features & benefits include:

  • Versatile plug-and-play unit designed for a range of environments
  • Quick fasteners for quick and easy filter change
  • Low power consumption for economical long-term use
  • Economical energy saving radial fan for low running costs
  • Freestanding unit with swift installation and instant functionality
  • Effective air purification and removal of larger particles

The AC1600’s simple functionality and ease of installation allows it to be up and running within seconds of arriving on site, while compatibility with up to 16 metres of ducting provides greater flexibility in situations that require it.

Our latest innovation consumes just 253W of power per hour of operation and delivers economical air filtration to various settings.

Matt Stapley, Technical Director for HVAC, said: “As ever, Andrews is on the front foot when it comes to addressing real world challenges which has allowed us be proactive and add a product that will be advantageous to customers across the board.

“We are delighted to offer clients a multi-purpose unit that removes pollutants from the air while simultaneously delivering essential air changes as directed by leading World Health Organisation officials.

“This product is indicative of our continuous intention to accommodate industry developments and joins our hire fleet with immediate effect.”

If you are interested in hiring an AC1600 air cleaner, contact us today on 0800 211 611. For more information on the product including a full list of specifications and target environments, click here.

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