Blog2 April 2014

Military hospital in Hampshire requires sediment removal

An underground tank at a military hospital in Hampshire required large quantities of silt removed, in order to free up the area. Sustained periods of adverse weather had caused a build-up of sediment from storm drains on site, and thus required urgent pumping.

The customer needed the project to be completed within two weeks, but limited access to the manhole made the assignment more problematical than was originally envisaged. It was eventually decided that equipment would be lifted by hand through a small door, and taken down some steps before being applied.

 We provided an SP 50 submersible pump because although there was a lot of water in the vicinity, the sludge itself was very solid. The apparatus was supplied from our Portsmouth depot, and ideal for this particular scenario. Once the silt was agitated, it was discharged fairly quickly.

Our fast, effective solution saved the customer money, as it bypassed the need for intensive labour. As such, we helped restore the tank to its original clean condition, well within the deadline, and at a lower cost than was expected.