Blog12 August 2015

Midlands-based anaerobic digestion plant kept functional

In the present day, most companies in the UK are demonstrating a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint by curbing greenhouse gas emissions. The widely publicised battle against climate change has therefore played a vital role in the recent surge of anaerobic digestion plants opening across the country – with biogas presenting a perfect alternative to non-renewable energy sources.

Food waste is biologically broken down into methane and carbon dioxide before being converted into electricity, providing non-polluting power to thousands of people at a time.

Too much heat in the digesters themselves can however affect the process (and the amount of gas produced), and this is something that needs to be addressed immediately to prevent companies in the field suffering a loss of output.

So when one of the country’s largest plants encountered this very issue, we supplied a temporary cooling solution to maintain productivity. This originally comprised of a 200kW fluid chiller, but this was eventually joined by an additional 200kW unit due to a later need for extra cooling capacity.

The package we supplied proved very effective in lowering temperatures within the plant and prevented electrical production from being affected by conditions. Our equipment remained on hire for around seven months in total, with both chillers operating reliably during a crucial period for the customer.

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