Blog27 March 2012

Michelin Replaces Tired Air Conditioning

As part of a major investment in their Dundee tyre manufacturing facility, Michelin Tyre plc contacted Andrews Air Conditioning Services to decommission and remove an aged packaged system. The existing installation, supplying critical cooling to the site’s IT suite, no longer met the stringent performance specification required by Michelin UK. It was found to contain the ozone-depleting R22 refrigerant which is being rapidly phased out.

Andrews Air Conditioning Services removed the obsolete units and replaced them with two Toshiba under-ceiling systems, featuring an auto restart function to ensure rapid restoration of air conditioning following a power failure. The sophisticated systems also interface with the building’s fire panel, ensuring the systems shut down immediately in the event of a fire alarm. New production equipment is being installed at the Dundee plant which will enable it to manufacture the latest generation of car tyres.