Blog16 November 2022

Metal manufacturer protects steel consignment and saves money in the process!

There is no better indicator of our excellent customer service than yielding repeat customers. As a basic principle, we always aim to stand out from the competition and add value to a project each time we visit a site.

Earlier this month, our experts were approached by one of the UK’s largest steel producers – as has been the case for most of the last decade!

The change in weather meant that moisture levels had risen above the safe range of between 35-55%, drastically increasing the risk of corrosion and metal oxidation. With hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of steel exposed to high levels of moisture, a dedicated solution was required to preserve our client’s assets.

While our dedicated expert was on site, they noticed that humidity monitors previously installed by our customer’s internal team had been ineffectively deployed. We were able to rectify the error and propose a dehumidification hire package that consisted of fewer units than initially anticipated.

There were two components to this project – removing dampness and increasing airflow throughout the application to ensure the scope for drying was maximised. Several of our KT2000 desiccant dehumidifiers were positioned inside the warehouse, and these were accompanied by our FV300 ventilation fans.

With cost savings understandably high on the priority lists of most businesses, our client was delighted that we demonstrated the need for only five drying units, as opposed to the seven originally thought to be required.

What’s more, our conscientious technician gave training to everyone present, allowing them to have a better grasp on identifying the many factors that can cause relative humidity to rise.

During these uncertain times, we truly appreciate the need for our clients to save money wherever possible (even if this means that they hire fewer units from us). The phrase ‘quality over quantity’ could not be more applicable in this instance, and we’d like to think this mantra really reflects our reputation as a company!