Blog4 January 2021

Police station hires temporary heating solution during site refurb

Before the renovation of a prominent London police station began, it was agreed by the construction company leading the project that a new heating system would be installed by a specialist mechanical contractor. Unfortunately, this part of the job has had to be pushed back as a result of a supply issue caused by the pandemic.

With much of the building still occupied while improvement work was being undertaken, it was essential for a temporary heating solution to be sourced to ensure desk officers and administrative staff based at the station were warm enough while carrying out their daily duties.

Upon receiving a call from our client, who explained the situation, Andrews Heat for Hire sent one of our local experts to site to assess which equipment would be most suitable for the application.

Credit: Getty Images


With ample power available, the customer specified that small, electric heating units would be preferential due to a lack of space for larger heaters to be deployed on the premises. Once the required heating capacities were calculated, we proposed the hire of 20 oil filled radiators and 16 DE25 portable electric units – all of which were compatible with the building’s domestic 230V power supply. Both types of heater operate quietly, which was specifically requested given the need for concentration in an office environment.

The client has indicated that it could be several months before the planned HVAC installation is completed, prompting them to commit to a long-term heating rental that will remain in place until at least March 2021.

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