Blog29 November 2016

Met Office warn “it’s time to start wrapping up”, as UK temperatures plummet

Climate experts have predicted freezing conditions across Britain this week, with the South-East expected to be among the worst affected areas.

Thermometer readings in London have already shown temperatures below -3°C overnight, as an Arctic icy snap prompted Public Health England to remind people to take extra care.

The sudden change in weather follows a recent announcement that local councils have stockpiled in excess of 1.2 million tonnes of salt in a bid to prepare for the months ahead.

Much of Scotland is forecast to see sub-zero temperatures – with lows of up to -5°C – while rural areas are likely to be even colder now that December is almost upon us.

Dr. Angie Bone, of PHE, said: “Cold does kill, even in places where the temperatures aren’t at their lowest.

“Now is the time to prepare for the cold weather forecast by the Met Office, and to think of those you know who are older, very young, or have pre-existing health conditions who are particularly vulnerable.

“Looking ahead into December and beyond, there are indications that a cold start to winter is more likely than normal.”

With temperatures nationwide plummeting and more extreme weather said to be just around the corner, what better time to act than now?

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