Blog30 November 2023

Making cold weather history: Emergency solution for the British Museum

The British Museum in London hosts thousands of important events and functions each year in its expansive historic halls. In November, the museum faced a sudden heating crisis that threatened to disrupt a high-profile evening gala.

At 14:00 on the day of the event, the British Museum’s facility management team realised that the temperature in the event space had dropped well below a comfortable level. With limited time before the scheduled 17:30 start, they urgently needed a rapid heating solution to get the room back to an appropriate temperature.

The facilities manager called our emergency heating team explaining the situation. With only a few hours to respond, we immediately went to work to provide a heating solution.

Our team recommended bringing in four DE190 portable heaters to quickly warm the room. By 16:00, we had delivered and set up the high-capacity electric heaters while avoiding interference with the event organisers’ preparations.

The British Museum team was thrilled that we could save the event at the last minute. Guests enjoyed a comfortably warm atmosphere with no awareness of the earlier temperature issues – precisely as was intended!