Blog11 February 2015

Major TV broadcaster seeks emergency intervention from Andrews Air Conditioning

When a national broadcaster sought a temporary cooling system for their headquarters in the North East, Andrews Air Conditioning were contacted and tasked with implementing a viable solution. A regional technician conducted a thorough survey of the premises to gain a better understanding of the assignment, with this process helping us propose a suitable hire package.

Building work on the roof meant that existing chillers had to be relocated and as such, would be offline for a number of days. The customer’s two 17kW units therefore need to be replaced immediately to ensure their normal output levels could be maintained.

Having assessed the transmission area thoroughly, it was decided that two ET25 portable air conditioners and an ET21 unit would sufficiently supersede the client’s original arrangement.

These remained on site for a fortnight in total and this solution has since been adopted as the first-choice contingency plan should the broadcaster’s chillers fail again in the future. Our quick response prevented the majority of northern Scotland from losing a vast number of channels, ensuring all programmes were aired as planned.

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