Blog7 August 2014

Major snooker competition seeks temporary climate control

A world-famous snooker theatre contacted us regarding the need for appropriate cooling during a two week tournament. The client – who was using Andrews Sykes’ services for the ninth consecutive year – had a heat problem caused by lighting and the sheer volumes of people inside. Temporary equipment was therefore required in order to effectively counteract these unfavourable conditions.

We supplied the facility with three PAC22 air conditioners – two for the main auditorium where matches were played, and one for the media area backstage. This solution proved to be adequate in cooling not only the players, but also reporters and snooker fans that were in attendance.

The customer was once again very pleased with our service and the reliability of the units we provided, which remained in use throughout the competition’s duration. After the tournament was complete, a technician returned to the site and decommissioned the units before returning them to our depot in Leeds.

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