Blog2 September 2020

Luxury department store seeks flood recovery hire solution

At Andrews Dehumidification, we pride ourselves on having an aptitude for providing tailored drying solutions to a wide range of issues – whether planned or emergency. Our reputation as industry leaders has seen us work alongside big names from most industries, including one of the retail sector’s most iconic department stores in London.

The client contacted us out-of-hours towards the end of lockdown after a plumbing issue inside their store had caused water to leak onto the shop floor. Although the damaged pipework was quickly addressed to stem the outflow of water, our customer was unsurprisingly concerned about the impact it could have on their business given that the store was due to reopen the following week.

Sensing the customer’s desperation, our regional expert proposed a dehumidification hire solution over the phone to accelerate the response time and allow kit to be in position later that day. Having been given the dimensions of the affected retail space, we were able to recommend the deployment of eight FD40 DV dryers which are specifically designed for flood recovery scenarios.

Despite receiving the enquiry on a Saturday evening, our team worked together to ensure that the required units could be collected from our depot, delivered to site and installed before 10pm. Our equipment remained almost constantly in operation for five days, allowing moisture to be extracted and all carpets and surfaces to be completely dried before the end of the working week.

By reacting as quickly as we did, we were able to guarantee to our client that their store would be ready to reopen its doors to the public – and it duly was. The facilities team expressed their gratitude to Andrews Sykes for our swift turnaround and admitted that without us, there would have been a delay in returning to business.

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