Blog19 August 2022

Low temperatures, low GWP: introducing our new Fast Chill units!

We pride ourselves on bringing new products to market – we always have done – and there’s always a rationale behind each launch. Sometimes we act on customer feedback, sometimes we want to pre-empt environmental legislation, and sometimes we simply look to make a popular existing product even better.

For many years, our specialist Fast Chill range has been the envy of the industry while at the same time being highly sought-after by clients in specific market sectors.

Each unit is robust, dependable, safe, economical, and can bring temperatures down to as low as -10⁰C. In fact, our Fast Chill units are the perfect solution for cold storage areas, food and beverage manufacturing processes. How, then, could we improve them?

Our Fast Chill 21 Series 2, Fast Chill 45 Series 2 and Fast Chill 90 Series 2 models retain all the key attributes of their first-generation models, but incorporate the following modifications:

  • Low global warming potential (GWP), providing a much more environmentally friendly option that complies with updated F-Gas regulations
  • Groundbreaking technical advancements including a built-in hot gas defrost system that pre-warms the water internally prior to draining
  • Redesigned chassis to permit easy access into awkward, space-restricted areas
  • Pre-charged glycol lines of up to 30 metres in length, giving the end user even greater flexibility
  • Enhanced performance in the form of higher airflows and larger cooling capacities

Matt Stapley, Technical Director, explains: “The introduction of the new and improved Fast Chill range is a fantastic addition to our ever-growing fleet of equipment. The units have state-of-the-art components and have been very cleverly designed for the rental market. Each unit is under 800mm wide, so these units will all fit through a standard door frame, making access to any environment easier.”

From today, all three units are available to customers – and we’re anticipating widespread interest!

For more information on our latest products, or to enquire about hiring options, call us today on 0800 211 611.