Blog28 July 2020

Long-term pump hire assists Ebbsfleet Garden City scheme

One of the UK’s most high-profile residential and commercial developments is making good progress, with the entire project scheduled to be completed by 2035. Located almost precisely at the point London meets Kent, Ebbsfleet has already undergone a significant transition prior to the planned construction of another 15,000 homes.

The entire development spans hundreds of acres, with an area historically known as the Eastern Quarry currently the subject of focus from leading contractors. This location has already seen considerable changes following the creation and naming of the Whitecliffe village, but the presence of a large lagoon has hampered extensive infrastructural advancements.

Foundations have been laid for two roads to cross the lagoon which effectively separates the body of water into three sections. Before proceeding beyond this point, the contractor sought a practical pump hire solution to remove all water from site and transfer it into the Thames several hundred metres away.

The first of these sections has already been pumped out, with four of our 8” diesel units used to transfer water from the central section into the left lagoon. Several UVO high head pumps are then operating simultaneously to transfer water out of the quarry and into the Thames via a filtration system, ensuring the removal of impurities.

With time very much of the essence and delays completely unjustifiable, the contractor was desperate to achieve a pumping capacity that exceeded 500 litres per second. Our solution was agreed, delivered and installed shortly after the project was discussed and has been successfully operational for many weeks. Plans have already been made to alter our pump hire solution once the quarry is nearly drained in order to address pockets of water that will appear, with an adaption likely to be required imminently.

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