Blog2 November 2021

Long-term customer requests our drying expertise on school development

With the construction of a new school in the Midlands approaching its final stages, Andrews Heat for Hire was asked to assist the lead contractor – one of Britain’s largest housebuilding companies. Our client had completed all structural works prior to our involvement but sought a high capacity drying arrangement to accelerate the drying of wet trades on site.

This requirement specifically relates to concrete curing, plastering, painting, masonry and grouting, with temporary equipment likely to be needed for several weeks while the work was undertaken.

Having frequently turned to us for advice in recent years, our customer was confident that we could propose a solution that would fulfil their specific needs and be instantly operational once kit reached site.

Given the size of the application and the need for heating and drying in multiple areas, we recommended the installation of an FH2000 indirect fired heater which could be positioned centrally and deliver warm air to various parts of the site via lengths of ducting.

We supplemented this unit with some of our popular FD40 building dryers, creating a combined dehumidification and heating solution that would remove excess moisture from screed, surfaces and the atmosphere.

The client evidently trusted our judgements off the back of many previously successful hires and quickly signed the agreement to allow all kit to be delivered as quickly as possible. Our equipment is now up and running on site and expected to remain on site until just before Christmas.