Blog24 September 2014

Leisure centre in Gloucestershire seeks replacement heating

When a leisure centre in Cheltenham suffered a sudden boiler breakdown, a temporary alternative was required while this was being repaired. The client was expecting a busy weekend, so an immediate hire solution was sought to ensure it could accommodate a large number of visitors.

After ascertaining the application’s size and dimensions via telephone, a member of our contact centre was able to recommend an appropriate heating unit. A single ESH20/40 electric model was subsequently proposed, and this was delivered and installed within hours of the initial enquiry.

As a wheel-mounted product, the ESH20/40 was easily manoeuvred into the required position, enabling scheduled fitness classes to proceed as planned. Its ability to adequately heat large areas while operating unmanned are two of the characteristics which made the product suitable for this particular environment.

Our customer therefore regarded the hire as a success, with the equipment remaining on site until their existing boiler had been fixed.

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