Blog30 April 2024

Learn more about: The Lamella Clarifiers (LC25 + LC50)

In case you missed the news, we have expanded our fleet to introducing our water treatment division. This week we are highlighting the Lamella Clarifiers (LC25 + LC50). These advanced inclined plate clarifiers are engineered to proficiently segregate challenging suspended particles, such as silt and clay, from water or wastewater flows. These sophisticated systems harness the capabilities of angled inclined lamella plates, offering superior settling and compaction of solids in contrast to conventional designs. Lamella clarifiers are a proven water treatment solution that feature inclined plates, causing suspended solids to settle from water that flows over the plates, thus "clarifying" the water by removing turbidity. This process is essential in various applications, as it helps remove slow-settling particles and ensures compliance with stringent environmental regulations. The LC25 and LC50 models from Andrews Sykes are specifically designed for high-volume treatment of silty water with slow-settling particles. Their compact lamella design allows for large throughput capacities within a small footprint, making them an ideal solution for space-constrained environments. The largest clarifier in the range, the LC50, can handle flows range from 0-50m3/hr and, depending on the quality of influent, up to 100m3/hr flow rate. Once the influent reaches the lamella it is received in a central channel enhancing the flow distribution to the inclined plates. With more than 100 inclined plates, split across twin lamella bays, solids have over 50m2 to settle. Whilst clean liquid exits at the top over the weir and out through 6” hose, the treated sludge falls to the bottom of the pyramidal 60º angle hopper. The collected sludge can then either be pumped or tankered away through connections at the bottom of the hopper. With the introduction of the Lamella Clarifiers and the water treatment division, Andrews Sykes continues to demonstrate its commitment to providing innovative solutions that address the evolving needs of its customers. Contact Andrews Sykes today to learn more about their water treatment offerings and how they can support your specific requirements.