Blog5 December 2019

Kitchen furniture manufacturer requires temporary heating solution

When a renowned kitchen furniture manufacturer required temporary heating to keep staff warm, Andrews Heat for Hire was contacted and asked to provide a solution.

The client had used our services previously and was confident in our ability to install a temporary heater hire arrangement befitting of their application. In years gone by, the customer has requested that we use gas heating units, but a different solution was sought on this occasion. Our client had recently completed renovation work within their premises which included improving the insulation of the walls and roof.

Given the scale of the premises and the need for a heat source to be operational almost constantly, it was decided that three high capacity FH2000 units would be most effective. Each unit was deployed externally with lengths of ducting used to distribute huge volumes of warm air inside via open window panels.

Maximising fuel efficiency was a primary consideration and prompted us to use recirculatory ducting to help maintain desired temperatures as cost-effectively as possible. This process allowed warm air to be generated at a faster rate because it was not reliant on having to constantly heat cold outdoor air. Our engineers attached the lengths of ducting to ceiling manifolds which prevented them from obstructing people working on site.

Each unit was connected to a separate 1,000-litre fuel tank, with the client also providing 3-phase power outlets which enabled the entire heating solution to function as expected.

The project is an excellent example of us yielding repeat business from a longstanding customer and adapting a new solution following a change in circumstances. Our heating equipment is scheduled to remain on hire for a total of 20 weeks and will keep our client’s employees warm until seasonal temperatures improve.

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