Blog3 March 2010

Keeping Poorly Owls Out of the Cold

When Andrews Sykes were asked for their support to help save sick owls we were delighted to oblige!

The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary at Stonham Barns in Suffolk is a delightful place to visit. You can watch, study or simply enjoy the company of owls and other birds of prey. However, with only a few heated rooms available at the sanctuary to keep the birds warm, the owls are being kept in outdoor aviaries and in this weather the sick ones have been struggling.

The sanctuary was in urgent need of several industrial heaters to keep the aviaries warm. Not having the funds to hire heaters or buy portable heaters, the Andrews Sykes Group is delighted to be supporting a local charity and is donating the much needed electric heaters to the sanctuary.

The Suffolk Owl Sanctuary is wholly reliant on donations and admission charges for the upkeep of the centre, the welfare of the birds and the funding of the many education, conservation and rehabilitation projects so any unbudgeted expenditure is always unwelcome. That is why Andrews Sykes are delighted to be supplying these portable heaters free of charge in support of the excellent work undertaken by the sanctuary.