Blog19 September 2023

Keeping an electric car showroom cool with temporary air conditioning

When a leading supplier of Uber’s electric vehicles in London needed cooling for their new showroom, traditional HVAC solutions like ducted or split air conditioning systems weren’t feasible. The constant coming and going of visitors and vehicles meant major construction wasn’t practical on the showroom floor. Our temporary air conditioning solutions provided the ideal fix.

After being approached about their unique cooling needs, we promptly responded with an on-site survey and same-day quote outlining our proposed solutions. Knowing the limitations of the space, we suggested using two high-powered Cyclones evaporative coolers along with two portable Polar Winds air conditioning units to deliver targeted, efficient spot cooling.

The Cyclones evaporative coolers, containing robust 2kW motors, would provide localised cooling for the main high-traffic showroom area without excessive ductwork or access restrictions. For the office areas, the portable Polar Winds units would supply cool, conditioned air as needed.

By opting for these temporary cooling solutions, we could strategically cool the most important zones without major building modifications. And unlike conventional AC systems which require substantial electricity, the Cyclones evaporative coolers use a fraction of the energy by naturally cooling air through water evaporation.

The natural evaporative cooling effect kept the open showroom feeling fresh and comfortable for staff and visitors, while the portable air conditioners handled the enclosed offices and back rooms.

The ability to rapidly deploy customised temporary cooling is central to our service offerings for all clients. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at 0800 211 611 to find out first-hand how we can help meet your unique cooling challenges. Our expert team is ready to help keep your facilities comfortable.