Blog3 October 2011

Keep Moving To Stay Cool

Air conditioning is increasingly becoming an essential element of our modern lifestyles. But, if used carelessly, it can result in a significant waste of energy. That’s why Andrews Air Conditioning Services is offering Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion sensors to its customers.

Discussing the technology, Andy Whiteley, Divisional Director of Andrews Air Conditioning says, ”The technology isn’t new, we’re all familiar with its use in burglar alarm systems, but its application to reducing energy consumption is less well-known”.

The system works by switching off the air conditioning if the room is left unoccupied for a preset period. Power to the air conditioning is automatically restored when movement is detected.  The system can also be linked to window sensors which prevent the air conditioning from operating if windows are left open. It is ideal for use in spaces with intermittent occupation like classrooms, hotel guest rooms or meeting rooms.

”Air conditioning can account for around 30% of a building’s energy use. As market leaders, our customers are increasingly asking us to advise them on how they can continue to obtain all the benefits of air conditioning whilst reducing their energy use and CO2 footprint”, explains Andy Whiteley.

Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion sensor