Blog27 May 2016

Is your healthcare facility prepared for the summer heat?

At Andrews Air Conditioning, we recognise the importance of maintaining patient comfort when seasonal temperatures begin to rise. Each day, more than a million people depend on the services of the NHS, private healthcare organisations and care homes – underlining the importance of having a practical contingency plan ahead of summer’s arrival.

It is therefore of paramount importance that wards, operating theatres and pharmaceutical storage areas are equipped with appropriate cooling systems. The varied nature of healthcare applications does however mean that diverse temperature controls are essential, and determined by a specific location’s uses and specifications.

A waiting room, for example, is likely to be occupied by anxious and emotional patients experiencing increased heart rates. This issue can be exacerbated further by warm surroundings, and is particularly troublesome for young children and the elderly. In order to eliminate the risk of further tension, which is often aggravated by extended waiting times, a temporary air conditioning hire solution can be deployed in the vicinity.

Although patient comfort does and should remain a prominent consideration, it is also critical that medical equipment and other amenities are kept from overheating. Failure to safeguard sensitive kit will inevitably lead to downtime – and at great cost to healthcare providers.

The ideal temperature for a specialised environment will depend on a number of factors, and this figure may vary depending on an application’s unique requirements. Wards and pharmacies are best kept at 24°C, while waiting rooms and pathology labs are more suited to slightly cooler 22°C temperatures.

With summer nearing, estate and facilities managers should be ensuring that the air conditioning on site is functioning at fully capacity. Inefficient systems will contrive to cause wider issues to both patients and staff if not addressed quickly, but this can easily be avoided by conducting repairs or sourcing supplementary units when necessary.

By taking steps to overcome impending hot weather before it arrives, an effective mobilisation plan can be actioned in instances where an air conditioning arrangement is lacking. Whether you encounter an unexpected breakdown, lack sufficient cooling altogether or simply need additional equipment to work alongside what you already have, we at Andrews Air Conditioning will assist you.

Our unique experience of the healthcare sector enables us to devise air conditioning hire packages that befit your circumstances and budget. An expansive depot network and a genuine 24/7 service afford our customers peace of mind and guarantee round-the-clock protection irrespective of your whereabouts.

For more information on how we can assist you, call us today on 0800 211 611. You can also read more about how best to accommodate all healthcare requirements by clicking here.