Blog8 November 2021

International production company safeguards film set

The vast majority of Covid transmission occurs indoors, with most of this caused by the inhalation of contaminated air particles. In an ideal world, you could prevent – or at least limit – the virus from spreading in your business by keeping infected people off-site. But if we’ve learnt anything in the last 20 months, it’s that it isn’t quite that simple.

Approximately 40% of those carrying the virus are asymptomatic, making it difficult to identify positive cases unless tests are taken every day. In most industries, however, this does not happen. Instead, more practical alternatives are sought, often leading to the acquisition of mechanical solutions such as air purification units.

We were recently approached by a well-known media and entertainment conglomerate looking to deploy some equipment on their film set located just outside London. Our client specifically cited a need to make the application more ‘Covid-safe’ as the reason for getting in contact, and they were aware of our modern air quality control range having previously hired boilers and pumps from us.

Following discussions with an Andrews expert over the phone, the customer chose to take two of our AC1600 air cleaners on a long-term agreement. They were particularly drawn to this product because of the high air circulation rates, which dramatically reduced the likelihood of harmful toxins staying present in the atmosphere.

Interestingly, our client emphasised that another benefit of using the AC1600s was that they could be turned off immediately to allow filming before quickly being reactivated during pauses or breaks. The nature of the units’ operation meant that they were constantly cleaning the indoor air while running, which was greatly reassuring to the many cast and crew members working there.