Blog2 May 2014

International mobile phone company seeks urgent cooling

A global telecommunications company required temporary chiller equipment at their UK headquarters while an existing air conditioning system underwent repair. Extensive maintenance had to be carried out over a two day period, but cooling was needed throughout in order to keep a vital server room online.

Andrews Chiller Hire was contacted regarding a solution which was designed and installed over a two day period. Security and access issues meant the project’s implementation took longer than usual, and this was exacerbated by the fact the building was still in use.

It was decided one 100kW chiller and two 50kW chillers would be required to effectively cool the server room and communications laboratory. Hoses were fed beneath floor panels and holes made into the wall below ground level, ensuring there were no tripping hazards within the premises itself.

The client was very satisfied with both the service and equipment we provided, which allowed their pipework to be replaced within the allotted timescale. Following the project’s completion, our engineers returned to the site and decommissioned the units without causing any disruption to other operations.

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