Blog27 November 2015

Infographic: Where does heat most easily escape from a building?

It’s a well-known fact that heating is one of the most expensive components of a typical energy bill, so retaining warmth is a crucial aspect of saving money every month. The extent of these savings will depend on a number of factors, including building size and the type of insulation in place, and we have produced the infographic below to outline just how and where heat is lost.

As the UK’s largest specialist provider of climate hire solutions, we are extremely well-informed when it comes to keeping heat indoors. Hot air can escape through various exit points – the most common of which being windows and rooftops. Ventilation systems and extractor fans are also responsible for heat exiting a typical building.

Fortunately, our temporary heater hire service offers customers a short-term answer to difficult scenarios exacerbated by poor insulation. Although technology has improved significantly as time as progressed (as shown in our visual above), there are still far too many instances where residential and working environments are openly exposed to the effects of cold weather.

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