Blog8 September 2016

Infographic: what your partner dislikes about shopping

More than half of British males have made an excuse to avoid going shopping with their partner, a recent study has revealed. The findings – shared by both the Mail Online and the Sun – also indicate that UK men spend around three weeks of their lives waiting for their other halves to browse stores!

A broad range of factors can affect customer satisfaction among both genders, with the temperature of shops featuring more prominently than many would believe.

Unsurprisingly, other variables were pinpointed as negatively affecting a consumer experience – including queue lengths and crowds – but it was interesting to observe how the presence of an air conditioning system has become more commonly expected.

Carl Webb, UK Sales Director for HVAC at Andrews, said: “It is vitally important to ensure that retail environments are cool and comfortable for customers because studies show that shops failing in this department often lose out on business.

“By installing a permanent air conditioning system or even sourcing a temporary cooling arrangement during peak periods of hot weather, you are far more likely to see people remain in your shop for longer – and thus spend more money!”

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