Blog28 October 2015

Infographic: the impact of flooding and how it can affect YOU

At Andrews Sykes, we understand the impact of flood damage and perhaps more crucially, the repercussions of failing to react quickly. Finding the most appropriate solution can often be a complicated process but our direct industry experience allows us to develop specific pump hire and dehumidifier hire packages designed to accelerate your recovery.

Although rainfall is unquestionably the primary contributor to flooding, heavy downpours often combine with other factors to catastrophic effect – as highlighted by the infographic below:

Interestingly, it is estimated that as many as 1 in 6 UK homes are susceptible to flooding, potentially affecting up to 10 million people. Equally as shocking is the statistic that as many as 40% of businesses that suffer flooding do not reopen afterwards. The annual cost of flood damage in this country alone exceeds £1billion and we work tirelessly to ensure this figure is curbed as much as possible.

For more information on the causes and effects of the various types of flood, click the visual above. Our checklist documents a number of useful measures you can take to guard against substantial rainfall, but when professional intervention is required, Andrews Sykes guarantee 24/7 protection regardless of circumstance.