Blog22 April 2021

Industry-leading electric boiler helps customers go greener

With companies across the globe constantly looking for ways to operate more efficiently and reduce their carbon footprint, so too are Andrews Sykes.

As pioneers in the field of environmental compliance, we are delighted to introduce a new 80kW electric boiler which is already kickstarting a change in the way people think about heating and hot water systems.

This groundbreaking innovation is almost three times as economical as an oil-driven alternative of equal capacity, providing customers with monumental cost savings on projects where its use is suitable.

There can be little doubt that the oil market is depleting which has prompted businesses to seek viable substitutes, with electrical solutions now commonly filling this void.

Our latest product offers customers a practical solution for a wide range of environments including underfloor heating, construction sites, warehouses and many others.

Features and benefits include:

  • One of the most economical boilers on the market
  • Greater flexibility due to powerful circulating pump
  • No need to organise fuel replenishment
  • No concerns over CO2 emissions
  • Significantly reduced maintenance times
  • Near silent operation for unobtrusive use
  • Precise temperature control for critical applications
  • Quicker installation and de-installation

While the 80kW electric boiler’s cost-effectiveness is what truly sets it apart, the fact that it can be deployed away from the target application courtesy of longer pipework connections guarantees a higher degree of flexibility than most other units of similar capacity.

Matthew Stapley, Technical Director, said: “In recent weeks and months we have seen a noticeable increase in enquiries for electric boilers – particularly in Europe – with this interest partly responsible for accelerating plans to introduce this type of product.

“While saving money on fuel and reducing operating costs will always be influential drivers in any preference shift from customers, there is little doubt that the average business looks far more closely at carbon footprint than might have been the case a decade ago.

“Our 80kW electric boiler ticks all the boxes without having to compromise on output, making their popularity almost inevitable among Andrews customers.”

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