Blog22 October 2012

Industrial and Commercial Drying from Andrews Dehumidification

At a major construction site in the Shotts area of Scotland, Andrews Dehumidification provided a bespoke solution to a national construction company. After convincing the site management team that heat alone was not the answer, and by demonstrating very substantial saving potential, we installed a Dessicant dehumidifier and an indirect fired heater to heat, dry and sustain the building fabric during the worst that the British weather could throw at them.

The system delivered large volumes of warm dry air to maintain the working environment and the drying process via a ducted external heating system. The major savings were achieved by reducing the heating requirement (the most costly part of the process) and incorporating Desiccant dehumidifiers in a re-circulation configuration. Providing specific bespoke solutions, Andrews Dehumidification’s specialist technicians can show you how to achieve your drying goals quickly, cost effectively whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.