Blog3 March 2014

Ice Rink in Amsterdam hire Andrews Boilers

For 6 weeks the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam will be home to a 400 meter temporary ice rink. From the 28th of February until the 2nd of March the Netherlands championship for all-round skating and the NK sprint will be held at this venue. This is the first post-Olympic tournament for Dutch skaters which include skating stars such as Sven Kramer and Ireen Wüst.  Also being held at this venue will be the final of the skating marathon season. This will include a live commentary from the RTL4-programme, RTL Late Night.

When a skating rink or an ice hockey rink is used intensively the quality of the ice can suffer. Therefore to maintain the ice’s condition during the day (and/or between different races) you must constantly scrape the top layer and resurface the ice between the skating breaks.

An ice resurfacer known as a Zamboni scrapes the top layer of the ice off the rink and then a thin layer of warm water is sprayed on top which creates a level of ice. To maintain a constant supply of warm water a temporary boiler is required. The event organiser contacted Andrews Sykes to provide a temporary boiler complete with ancillaries to supply the heated water. Andrews Sykes Technicians from our depot in Amsterdam delivered and installed a 500kW boiler to supply water at the desired temperature.