Blog24 May 2022

Hydrogen sulphide build-up averted thanks to temporary ventilation hire

A waste treatment plant is designed for organic and nutrient removal from sewage water, with toxicity traits generally high in the effluents present. Despite many contaminants being extracted as a result of the treatment process itself, there will always be some environmental risks that remain and warrant due consideration.

One of these is the colourless gas hydrogen sulphide – commonly referred to as ‘sewer gas’ – which is highly poisonous, highly corrosive, and often present in wastewater applications. There are various issues associated with hydrogen sulphide, including its threat to human safety, noxious odours given off and the generation of corrosive sulphuric acid.

For these reasons, our ventilation expertise was recently called upon by a well-known water and utility company following concerns that site workers could have been endangered without appropriate action.

Our client cited a desire to minimise the presence of hydrogen sulphide inside the plant, which would then reduce the likelihood of their employees suffering eye irritations, respiratory difficulties and other complaints.

A high capacity source of ventilation was therefore needed, with a solution proposed, delivered and installed just a few hours after the customer reached out to us. A single FV900 S2 fan was sufficient for extracting a hazardous gas and ensuring that it did not build up to dangerous levels while people worked in the vicinity.