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How to prepare for and manage indoor and outdoor floods?

Flooding can occur both indoors and outdoors for a variety of reasons. Indoor flooding is often caused by leaks in the roof, pipes bursting, appliance overflows and other water system failures. Outdoor flooding happens most often when heavy rains overwhelm drainage systems and cause nearby rivers, lakes, or the ocean to overflow onto the land. With a reliable pump hire, it can eliminate any damage or any hindrance to everyday business.

What to do when your office or facility leaks/floods?

If you experience flooding in your office or facility, it’s important to act quickly to minimise damage. The first priority should be safety – evacuate any flooded areas and do not enter standing water where live electrical wires may be submerged. Try to stop the water source if possible, by shutting off valves, unblocking drains, etc. Move furniture, electronics, files and valuables out of the flooded area so they are not damaged. Contact maintenance staff if the leak is inside the building, or the city public works department for exterior flooding. Report any serious flooding to your insurance provider promptly.

Standing water from indoor flooding can cause substantial damage to flooring, carpets, walls, and furnishing. It provides an environment for mould growth which can pose health hazards. It can also damage important paper documents and ruin electronics. If flood water comes into contact with electrical systems, it can cause fires, electrocution and circuit damage. Prompt cleanup and drying out of flooded areas is crucial to prevent secondary damage. Sykes Pumps recommends calling professional water pump services for large indoor floods, we can ensure the right solutions with a free site survey.

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What to do when there is an outdoor flood?

For exterior flooding, follow emergency alerts and orders from local authorities. Avoid driving or walking through flood waters which can be deceptively deep and pose drowning hazards. After floods recede, fully dry out any flooded areas to prevent mould.  It is important to search for pump hire companies near to ensure the flood doesn’t rise any further.

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How to find a temporary water pump hire near me?

At Sykes Pumps, we offer the best water pump hire rates for draining roads, construction sites, offices, and more. With our wide selection of powerful electric submersible pumps and high-volume diesel pumps for hire , we can handle any flooding or drainage need.

As the leading pump hire supplier, Sykes Pumps brings unmatched expertise to every job. Our diverse pumps are used across industries for dewatering, over-pumping, and fluid movement. Whether you need emergency flood relief pumps or complex long-term pump systems designed and installed, clients rely on our 24/7/365 services to get the job done right.

From robust pumps for hire for storm and flood response to drainage pumps for construction projects, our fleet stands ready to serve clients across England. When floods or storms create emergency situations, we mobilise immediately to support critical pumping needs around the clock. For any fluid pumping application, count on the experience and capabilities of Sykes Pumps. Call us today on 0800 211 611.


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