Blog21 April 2016

How portable air conditioning can benefit your school or university

With the summer season now fast approaching, schools in the Virginia region of the USA are already taking precautions to ensure pupils and staff remain cool during term time. A number of educational institutions had previously experimented with large temporary air conditioning units, and the majority of these are now due to be replaced by smaller products more suitable for classroom deployment.

Students and teachers have both complained about high temperatures which regularly exceed 30°C at the height of summer. This has led a number of schools on the East Coast to budget additional funding for the purchase of much-needed cooling equipment – something that was uncommon until recently.

It has been widely suggested that hot weather has an adverse effect on the average person’s ability to learn and absorb new information. Failure to intervene when soaring temperatures begin to harm productivity could therefore have a devastating long-term impact on a child’s development in school.

Fortunately for UK-based establishments, Andrews Air Conditioning has the capacity to provide portable air conditioners on long or short term hire via our nationwide depot network. Unlike other suppliers, we have a genuine history of providing portable units within four hours of enquiry.

We have many years of experience providing temporary air conditioning to a wide variety of applications within education environments, including exam halls, classrooms, lecture theatres, sports halls and even for special events and occasions. To read more, click here.

We also understand that because of the variance in classroom occupancy across a typical day, air conditioning units must be easily adapted to fit the unique requirements of a particular situation. By proposing controllable solutions that offer end users flexible cooling capacities, our technicians are able to ensure an ideal level of comfort is attainable by either manually or automatically adjusting the thermostat.

For more information on how our services can benefit your application, or to discuss your needs with a trained operative, please call us today on 0800 211 611. We provide all customers with free site surveys which will help us to devise a cost-efficient air conditioning package specifically designed for your surroundings.