Blog27 October 2022

How do you know the hire company is ‘the one’ for you?

Choosing a hire company can be daunting. The constant scrolling through Google and searching for reviews can be like scanning a dating app with the desire to find ‘the one’.

With a reputation that goes beyond 160 years, it is safe to say that Andrews Sykes has seen it all when it comes to client relationships.

But the question still stands… How do you know you have found ‘the one’? Behold, our hire company relationship checklist! When doing research, there are a few things to look out for in your pursuit of a longstanding relationship with a hire company.

Your goals and values are aligned

The first thing to consider is whether the company understands you. In principle, it is easy to fix a heating problem with a temporary unit, but does your supplier understand your deeper requirements or expectations? Goals such as reliability and good fuel economy must be considered by a competent hire company – and that goes without saying. Ensuring that we satisfy your objectives of keeping costs as low as possible, without compromising on any other aspect of the service we provide, is ultimately what drives us.

Andrews Sykes has always been committed to sustainability and looking after the planet, as evidenced by many of our recent product launches. The best solutions require the consumption of minimal fuel, meaning that during our honeymoon phase – or any time, for that matter – we won’t hurt the environment or your pockets.

The company is honest and always available for you

Building strong relationships – personal or professional – starts with an open and transparent honesty policy. Very cliché, maybe, but very true. Many hire companies lack this quality, whether it be via hidden costs, or failing to adhere to agreed delivery times. These traits are all red flags and indicators that this hire company is not ‘the one’.

Andrews Sykes has the capability and resources to operate a genuinely nationwide service. We can offer a unique kind of relationship where we are always available for you even though you may not need us. Our engineers are on standby 24 hours a day, with four-hour response times GUARANTEED. Irrespective of your location, you’ll never have to suffer the disappointment of our engineers standing you up when you’re expecting them.

The relationship is always fresh and never gets boring 

A hire company should always ensure that things never stay the same – because that’s boring! A key question to ask yourself is “How often do they introduce new products?” Andrews Sykes is well-known for having the largest range of electric, oil and gas heaters. We’re constantly updating and investing in our fleet. We help our customer relationships stay fresh by regularly introducing new products, which means things never go stale. Even if you’d prefer to hire the same product on an annual basis, it’s the thought that counts!

The hire company provides the same service before and after you sign the contract

We will do whatever is necessary to win you over, and we keep our promises even after you’ve signed the contract! Our broad experience of almost all industries and applications underpins our impeccable reputation. We handle all aspects of a hire from the moment you enter into an agreement with us, and that includes delivery, installation, fuel management, and collection.

That gut feeling is always a good indicator

In any healthy relationship, it is important to overcome obstacles together. But sometimes, you simply need to place trust in your partner and let them solve whatever challenges you face. While we at Andrew Sykes provide solutions to problems, that’s certainly not all we offer! We strive to make you feel comfortable, communicate effectively, and make every effort to understand your needs. Still unsure? Then maybe our checklist can alleviate any concerns you have about us not being ‘the one’!

We feel the spark already! Give us a call on 0800 211 611.