Blog15 May 2023

How do chillers work and which unit is best for me?

Finding a temporary cooling solution can be a daunting challenge, particularly if your requirement is of an urgent nature. With this in mind, the team at Andrews Chillers have created a short video that explains the functionality of chillers and how to guarantee the perfect outcome for your cooling application.

Using sample scenarios, the animation demonstrates the specific process that a unit goes through to provide the cooling for your requirement.

The aim of the video is to give our customers a better understanding of the chiller units we offer and explain how they apply to different environments. The video shows how you can overcome your cooling challenges while discussing the various types of cooling. These include comfort cooling, high capacity cooling and process cooling.

With comfort cooling in particular, it is important to understand that this type of cooling is used to regulate the temperature and create a comfortable environment for people within a specific area. This type of chiller is normally used in hospitals and hotels in addition to offices and conference rooms. These sectors require an accurate temperature control as a system failure can directly influence the satisfaction of building occupants.

An example of this type of cooling can be seen in a recent case study carried out by Andrews Chillers, where we provided a 750kW unit to support a hotel while it underwent a major refurbishment. The hotel in question was looking to replace their air conditioning system during a peak period but the presence of guests meant a substitute system was imperative. Our temporary chiller was able to keep the hotel cool in the meantime and guaranteed business continuity for a major customer.

As well as comfort cooling, the video explains what to do if you need to cool larger areas including storage facilities, warehouses or film studios. In this scenario, the solution would be to acquire a high capacity chiller. These units are placed outside the targeted building and are then connected to a series of air handlers with cool air then ducted into the building.

A recent job carried out by our experts encapsulates the value of a high capacity chiller which provided a perfect solution to a client’s cooling issue. The customer was responsible for a large print company in the South East of England and in urgent need of a short-term cooling solution during the middle of a heatwave. A chiller connected to a temporary air handler was recommended and installed by our local specialist which ensured that thousands of pounds’ worth of heavy duty equipment was not damaged due to overheating.

The third most common type of cooling solution documented within the video is process cooling. As a company, we understand the critical nature of food and beverage industries or pharmaceutical applications that are dependent on lower temperatures. These types of industries require the most reliable, energy efficient fluid chiller hire units because of their propensity to be in use for extensive periods of time. This type of chiller is used when a product cannot come into contact with the actual refrigeration process, making them the perfect option when cooling is necessary.

A recent case study carried out by Andrews Chillers highlights the importance of process cooling in one of the country’s largest breweries. The company – one of the world’s largest beer manufacturers – was minutes away from having to half their entire production line due to excessive temperatures inside the factory. If production had stopped as feared, it would have cost drink manufacturers hundreds of thousands of pounds during this period which would have been a catastrophic side-effect. To prevent this, we provided out-of-hours intervention to assist them with their issue and installed six 750kW fluid chillers to ensure temperatures remained at -5℃.

When hiring a chiller, it is important to consider how an arrangement will help you obtain the best results. By putting your trust in a reliable service, you can secure an immediate solution for when things do not go to plan or if a system failure is unexpectedly encountered.

If you’re unsure which chiller solution is the most befitting for your application, don’t worry! Our trained specialists have had decades of experience in the chiller hire industry which allows them to propose the best solution every single time. We provide free site surveys to alleviate the concerns of our clients by demonstrating how we’ll go about overcoming whatever challenge you encounter.

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